Status of Old Server

***Update on 10/17/2016***

We have been working with our data recovery partner however they are not able to pull anything off the drive at this time and they have ran it through every scan.

It is believed that the drive corrupted itself being that it was in a raid environment it the corruption went to all the disk in the backup.

***Update on 9/23/2016***

The data recovery company is currently working on drive to attempt to recover data on the drive.
We should have an update next week on the status of this process.

***Update on 9/20/2016***

We have turned the drive over to the data recovery professional, so they can get to work and trying to recover the data on the drive.

***Update on 9/17/2016***

Here is the latest information on the drive after being told the drive was shipping and not seeing any movement of the drive for two days, we called the hosting company that we lease the server from, and had our account manager look into the issue. When she looked into the issue, she had found that the drive had not been picked up even through Fedex had been told to pick up the drive. We have checked the tracking number and found that the drive is now on its ways to us and will be here Tuesday we have provided the tracking number so you can reference this as well.

Again once we get the drive we will turn it over to the data recovery professional so they can get work.

***Update on 9/13/2016***

The drive has been removed from the server at this time and is currently on its way to us, once we have received the drive it will be turned over to a data recovery professional.

***Update on 9/8/2016***

We have been able to pull data off the drive at this time however being that it is a mangled mess it appears that the file system on the drive caused some corruption.

We are in the process of working with the data center where our server is located to have them remove the drive and send it to us.

Once we have received the drive will be able to run different recovery software which should allow us to see what actually exists on the drive.

Again we do apologize for the inconvenience and for website being down, we do understand that for some of you this is your livelihood.

This is something however that was out of our control as we did not get any indications that the drive was having issues.

Hello Everyone!
We wanted to give you a status on the webserver as we know it has been down over the weekend.
Currently the drive that had all the backups on it is not wanting to mount to the server so we can move the files back over.

We did attempt to correct the error as there was a known bug in the software that runs on the server however that has failed at this point.
We are currently waiting for a ticket to be opened through a partner with the company that runs the server software so they can login and address the issue. We believe that should have a fix this issue and we should be able to recover all the files on the server.

We have been in contact with multiple people that work on the same server that we have and they are having issues correcting the error as well.

Once we have more information we will post it on this site, we do apologies for any inconvenience this has caused this was never our intent when we took the server offline to address an issue with a virus.

If you have a valid backup of your site we can upload it to our server we setup to replace the one that is offline. Please contact us at if you would like this done.